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Tiny Tattoo Artistry with íZORA Academy is intended for prospective students who have no experience in Tiny Tattoo artistry or feel they are at a beginner level and need another class to help progress their skill set. At ÍZORA Academy we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible and want each student to leave our classes feeling excited, educated, and prepared for their new career. We want you to be as excited as we are to launch yourself into this amazing journey. It is rare to find an in-person class for tiny and micro tattoos. We wanted to create an in-depth, hands-on experience with íZORA’s tiny tattoo specialist, Iliana Cardamone, to provide a course that dives deep into the artistry behind tiny and micro tattoos. We believe it is important to know all the background knowledge and get a proper in person experience when learning something new. Our years of experience being educators have taught us how to educate our students for success.

***BEFORE PURCHASING PLEASE EMAIL to get dates for upcoming classes and ensure there is an available spot.**

Tiny Tattoo Artistry will include information on: 


What are Tiny Tattoos 

Tiny Tattoos vs. Traditional Tattoos 

Micro Tattoos 

Tools Used 


Consent Forms 

How to create designs - Procreate 

IPAD usage and Apps

Stencils and Stencil Printer How to 

How to apply/ move/ redo stencils 

Positioning and Body Angles

Hand Tattoos 

Ear Tattoos 



Arms, Wrists, Ankles

Types of Needles 

Types of Machines 

Depth and Pressure 


Healing Process 

Touch Ups 

BBP and Regulations 

Marketing yourself/ flash events/ etc


Additional Benefits:

Hours of Practice on Fake Skins 

1:1 Assistance and Mentorship with Instructors during Class

Opportunity to work on (2) live models with instructor.

Lifelong Support 

Each Student will also receive a physical manual full of all this information and beyond to have at their disposal as well as a fully equipped kit! 


Kits Include:



Tattoo Inks 

Stencil Transfer Cream


Booklet of designs to start out with

 Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel

Tongue Depressors

Ink cups


Ink Ease Tattoo Ointment 

Stencil paper

Fake skins

Saran Wrap 

& More

All disposable items needed for model day such as qtips, bed coverings, ect. Will be provided by ÍZORA Academy 

*NOTE: If you take this class, you WILL need these items for class. You can write these items off since they will be used for your profession.*


  • IPAD 

  • I PAD Pencil 
  • Purchase Pro Create on the App Store ($10) *this will only come up on the IPAD app store the photo has a black background with a rainbow S*



    *NOTE: You will need these things for after class but do not need to bring them to call with you*


  • Stencil Printer

  • Extra Stencil Paper
  • Arm Rest 



    ÍZORA Academy offers our Microblading Fundamentals class for $2400. The extensive kit with basics is a bulk of class price. 

    We require a nonrefundable deposit of $500 to hold your spot and the remainder of the balance to be paid no later than 2 weeks before class date.