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Izora | ink + academy

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This class is a 3 day course intended for prospective students who have no experience in Microblading or feel they are at a beginner level and need another class to help progress their Microblading career. At ÍZORA Academy we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible and want each student to leave our classes feeling excited, educated, and prepared for their new career.

If the class has been purchased in full online and you decide to unenroll within 2 weeks of the class date, the nonrefundable deposit amount of $500 will be kept and a partial refund will be given. If you unenroll under the 2 week time frame, the whole class balance is nonrefundable.

***BEFORE PURCHASING PLEASE EMAIL to get dates for upcoming classes to ensure there is an available spot.***

Microblading Fundamentals will include information on:
Hair Stroke Patterns
Brow Shaping
Brow PreDrawing
Tools Needed
Blade Knowledge
Skin Types
Skin Depth
Skin Colors and Tones
Layers of Skin
Skin Regeneration and Healing Process
Stretching Techniques and Importance
Aftercare Protocols
Set up and Break Down
Proper BBP Protocol
Proper Sanitation Practices
Color Theory
Pigment Selection
Correction Work
Touch up and ColorBoost Knowledge
Marketing Tips and Tools
Additional Benefits:
Hours of Practice on Fake Skins
1:1 Assistance and Mentorship with Instructors during Class
Opportunity to work on (2) live models with instructors.
Lifelong Support
Kits Include:
Pigment Rings and Cups
Eyebrow Brushes
PreDraw Pencils
White Pencils
Fake Skins
Numbing Creams
Brow Mapping String
Aftercare Balm 
Healing Cards 
Aftercare Wipes
And more
***Please research your state and county regulations for permanent makeup before attending class. ÍZORA is not responsible for this.***